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10 reasons why we like reading

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10 reasons why we like reading

Por Andrea Pérez

By Andrea Pérez Latorre.

10 reasons why we cannot imagine a world without books.


1. - Reading relieves boredom and tedium.

2. - Reading gives us a better understanding of the world and makes us look at ourselves from new perspectives.

3. - Reading fills us with words; it allows us to express ideas that we never would have thought that we could formulate.

4. - Reading is an escape, it takes us away from the world and from ourselves, while at the same time bringing us ever closer to what we really are.

5. - Reading allows us to meet other people, distant in space and time.

6. - Reading improves our imagination and reasoning, it makes us critical and free.

7. - Reading reunites us with our ancestors and allows us to talk to them.

8. - Reading makes us reflect, it makes us contradict ourselves and doubt, in a society that rarely allows us to do this; reading is a strength.

9. - Reading allows us to see all of the hidden, invisible and concealed things in the world that we are not used to seeing.

10. - Reading allows us to take refuge from ourselves while at the same time letting us reconcile ourselves with what we are.



Illustrations by Soizick Meister.

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